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Set of 10 Organic Cotton Facial Rounds with Wash Bag

Set of 10 Organic Cotton Facial Rounds with Wash Bag

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Super soft on your face and kinder to the planet, these handy little cotton rounds will be a great addition to your face care regime. Made from 100% brushed organic cotton on one side, and 100% organic cotton towelling on the other, use them to cleanse, exfoliate and wash your face. Then pop in the wash, dry and they’re ready to use again!

I use the soft brushed cotton with a gentle cleanser to remove eye makeup, and the reverse with facial soap to gently cleanse and exfoliate my face, neck and décolletage. They’re also perfect if you’re using an oil-based cleansing method.

Each pad measures approximately 8cm across and has been pre-washed in non-biological washing powder. They can be handwashed or popped into the washing machine (popping them in the drawstring bag will prevent them going missing), and then air or tumble-dried. Please note that the use of fabric softener may affect the absorbency of your rounds.

The drawstring bag is made from non-bleached cotton muslin and measures approximately 17x15cm.

The non-organic cotton industry is responsible for almost a quarter of the world’s insecticide consumption, so introducing reusable organic pads to your household will reduce waste and pollution, as well as save you money over their lifetime.

All products are packaged using entirely recyclable/biodegradable materials.

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