Hi there, and welcome to Ginger Green Co! I make and sell reusable fabric products, from reusable wipes and cloths, cloth sanitary pads (CSPs) and kitchen roll and sponges. I endeavour to create eco-friendly solutions to enable you to live more naturally, and reduce your impact on the planet.

When I started noticing just how many of the things we purchase are single-use, I started to search for ways to reduce our family's environmental impact. My sewing obsession was looking for an outlet, and so Ginger Green was born. And the name? I'm ginger, and we're green!

I believe that responsible doesn't have to be boring, so I try and select fun and colourful fabrics for our products. Wherever possible we use biodegradable materials, produced in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint.

All products are made by me in my home studio in rural Hampshire, UK.

Coming soon are products from Lulu & Chance, my country living brand for gifts, homeware and animal care, and poshcycled fashion, where high-end pre-loved garments are given a glow-up!