Are items packaged plastic-free?

Yes! Our commitment to helping you go plastic-free goes all the way. Products are wrapped in acid-free, recycled tissue paper and hemp twine, then popped inside an unlaminated cardboard box and sealed with paper tape.
Why swap to reusables?

The non-organic cotton industry is responsible for almost 1/4 of the world’s insecticide consumption, so introducing reusable products to your household will reduce waste and pollution, as well as save you money over their lifetime. Disposable sanitary products can contain plastics, synthetic fragrances, adhesives, dioxin, chlorine and bisphenol among other things (not nice to put near your delicate bits!) and end up in sewer systems, waterways or landfill.

The average woman will use 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads, party-liners, and tampons in her lifetime. Reusable cloth pads will last up to 5 years, so you will save money and waste by switching to reusables. Many women find them more comfortable, hygienic and don't look back!

What are reusable cloth sanitary pads (CSPs)?

Exactly what they say! They work in the same way as popular disposable sanitary pads, sitting between your body and your pants. Ours have ‘wings’ which wrap under the gusset of your knickers and fasten with a snap to hold them in place. Instead of throwing them in the bin after using, you wash, dry and use them again.

How do I wash my cloth menstrual pads?

We recommend rinsing in cold water to prevent stains and popping in a bucket of water with a dash of salt until you're ready to put a load on. Then wash at 40 degrees, and air dry or tumble (low heat only). We offer drying straps which you can use to create a chain of pads/towels and hang over your shower rail, towel rail etc for easy storage/drying. Bamboo becomes more absorbent with each wash, but please note that the use of fabric softener/conditioner can impair absorbency.

How long do Cloth Sanitary Pads (CSPs) last?

The lifespan of your CSPs will vary, according to how you care for them. With good care, the average CSP will last for up to 5 years.

Are Cloth Sanitary Pads hygienic?

Yes. Our cloth pads are made using natural, breathable fibres, cotton and bamboo. Disposable pads often prevent airflow, preventing drying and allowing bacteria to thrive, which sometimes makes them smell funky! Bamboo is naturally antiseptic, so it was an obvious choice when selecting our core fabric. In addition, some disposable brands add a fragrance to their pads, which when combined with menstrual blood can be a bit iffy! Many customers report they feel cleaner after making the switch to reusables.